I’ve been pretty small all my life and “lucky” with great genetics, but never happy with the way I looked & it wasn’t until I started to fall in love with the gym, investing in my own coaches and changing from training to be skinny to feeling strong and confident.

When I decided to eat for performance and to fuel my body I’ve not only gained 8kg since 2018 but I’ve learned so much about myself.

It’s been a journey of getting uncomfortable, learning, failing, starting again, investing, upskilling, crying, overcoming my own challenges around body image, stress, pressure, perfectionism and lack of self love to lifting more & self development to finally feeling confident in my skin, feeling strong physically and mentally and oh boy once you start with it you’ll quickly realise how much you still have to learn.

And that’s where my passion lies and how I can help women like yourself to feel strong & confident in the gym but more importantly in life

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Meet V

Meet V, a busy woman who's always on the go and has learned to prioritise her health and fitness. But it wasn't always easy - V used to be shy about going to the gym, afraid of carbs and getting too bulky. Sound familiar?

Despite these fears, V fell in love with powerlifting and strength gains. By pushing herself to lift heavier weights and accomplish things she once thought were impossible, she discovered that overcoming obstacles in the gym can transform your whole life. V truly believes that conquering challenges in the gym makes you more likely to view obstacles and challenges in your personal and professional life as opportunities for growth and transformation.
V is now passionate about helping other women discover the same sense of strength and empowerment through fitness. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, she's here to guide and support you on your journey.

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Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness
Accredited Sports Nutritionist
Glute Workshop - United Health
Deconstructing the Gym Lifts - United Health
Gut health - Cycle Sisters
Applied Neuroscience - AWPT

Currently Studying:
Applied Women's Physiology & Training - AWPT -

So if you're ready to overcome your fears and become the best version of yourself, join V on this journey to strength and confidence today. You got this!