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BGC Keep Cup

BGC Keep Cup

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Busy Girls Club Keep Cups: The Ultimate Starter Bundle for the Busy Girl on the Go!

We get it - you're constantly on the move. Meetings, errands, workouts, and of course, those super-important coffee dates with friends. The Busy Girls Club Keep Cups are here to keep up with your dynamic lifestyle.

What’s Inside This Must-Have Bundle:

  • Stainless Steel Original 12oz ( 355ml) Cup: Your perfect companion for those caffeine (or chamomile) moments.
  • Deluxe Dribble Bag: For when you're on the move, your cup gets a luxe ride.
  • Stopper: Tailored to perfection, to stop the goods from spilling on the go

Noteworthy Features:

  • Premium Quality: Crafted from 304 Stainless Steel, these cups promise longevity.
  • Perfect Insulation: With a dual-walled design, your drinks maintain their temperatures, and your hands stay comfy.
  • Optimal Capacity: With a 12oz or 354 MLS capacity, it's versatile for all your beverage needs.
  • Taste Integrity: Thanks to the (White) Ceramic lining, sip your drink without any metallic interference.
  • Durability At Its Best: Lightweight yet robust. Whether you're graceful or a tad clumsy, #wegotyou.
  • User-friendly: These cups sport Luxey's unique Reverse-Force™ Large Hot or Cold Drink Lids. No tricky grooves or tiny bits – just pure, simple functionality.

Care Instructions: Give your cup some love. Hand wash it, and avoid popping it into the dishwasher or microwave. (However, the lids are dishwasher-friendly!)

From sunrise to sunset, the Busy Girls Club Keep Cups are designed with YOU in mind. Whether it’s for your morning latte, midday smoothie, or evening herbal tea, these cups ensure you're always drinking in style. Invest in one today and elevate your on-the-go beverage experience!

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